The Largest and Most Intimidating Animals in the World

By 2 years ago

While we all know that dinosaurs were the most massive of creatures to roam the planet, since their extinction, the world has seen quite a few other enormous animals, but none that have truly marveled in size… until now.

The animals on this list are a mix of modern anomalies and overgrown domesticated beasts. Feast your eyes on the largest and most intimidating animals currently residing on Earth…

The Saltwater Shark-Eating Crocodile

In 2009, Brutus, the giant saltwater crocodile made headlines after chomping down on a bull shark. At 18-feet long this big guy wowed audiences from the Adelaide River Cruises.

Enormous Hog in Georgia

In 2007, 11-year-old Jamison Stone shot a hog that weighed 1,051 pounds and was nine feet long. After hunting the animal for three hours Jamison took his shot when the beast snarled and popped his jaw at him.

The Large Titan Longhorn Beetle

Titan longhorn beetles live in South American rainforests and are the largest beetles on earth. The largest known Titan longhorn beetle measure 6.6 inches long with mandibles so strong they can cut pencils in half.

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