The Internet is Creating Hilarious(ly Sad) Content After Reese Witherspoon's Emmys Snub

One of the most glaring Emmy nomination omissions was none other than Reese Witherspoon. 

Reese executive produced three major hit shows: Apple TV+'s "The Morning Show," HBO's "Big Little Lies," and Hulu's "Little Fires Everywhere," which received a grand total of 18 nominations. Witherspoon, however, also starred in each of the shows, as well, but was not recognized for any of her performances.

The small silver lining here was that Twitter users came out in droves to show their support for Reese via hilarious and creative memes.

While Reese may not have received any love from the Emmys for her amazing performances in her shows, she certainly has all the love and support of the Twitter world to lean on in times like these. As Tyra would say, "We were rooting for you, we were all rooting for you!"

The 72nd Emmy Awards will air on Sunday, September 20 on ABC.

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