The Horrifying 'Cats' Movie Is Unintentionally a Horror Movie

Cats has been out for a little while now, and the verdict is in: Everyone hates it. It's scary, unnerving, and not worthy of spending your time on.  Critics and audiences alike have given it some pretty horrible reviews, even those who were excited about it in the first place. 

On Rotten Tomatos, it has an abysmal 20% rating with 147 critic reviews. It has a 67% audience score with 94 reviews, which isn't terrible. According to the site, the critics consensus states, "Despite its fur-midable cast, this Cats adaptation is a clawful mistake that will leave most viewers begging to be put out of their mew-sery."

The worst part is that now all of the reviews have bad cat puns, too. 

The most puzzling part of this film is the A-List cast. Idris Elba, Taylor Swift, James Corden, Jason Derulo, Ian McKellen, and Jennifer Hudson all donned their kitty-cat gear for the film. Even though all of these celebs are absolutely adored, the movie is still absolutely hated.

If you're not a fan of mascots or people in costumes, this movie is definitely not for you. Not only are the half-cat, half-human characters unnerving to watch, but they also border the line of kind of realistic, which is an extremely uncomfortable line to border. 

So, is Cats worth seeing? No, absolutely not. Don't even try it. Don't spend your money on this unless you have absolutely nothing else to do and you're looking for a horror movie. If you go into the theater with that mindset, maybe it would be a little more entertaining and less.. aggressive. 


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Post originally appeared on Inside Mystery.