The Creepiest Ghost Towns and Abandoned Cities Around the World

There’s just something about an abandoned town that draws people’s curiosity. The eerie feel of what once was looming in the stale air—the cobwebs and crumbling structures revealing an unknown history.

These places around the world have been all but forgotten by modern civilization, but for those who venture back to these sites today, they cannot deny the haunting and eerie feelings that loom there.

Don’t believe us? Check them out for yourself. The list gets more and more creepy as it goes…

Ross Island, India

Ross Island dates back to 1788 when the British owned the island and attempted to develop on it. What they hadn’t factored in, however, was the treacherous weather conditions there, making the island uninhabitable. When the Brits left, the Japanese took control of the island but it’s been abandoned now for many years.

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