The Cleveland Indians Are Undergoing a Name Change Process

As with several other brands this year, the Cleveland Indians are changing their culturally appropriated team name in favor of something more acceptable. Before they were named the Indians, they went by the Naps, which is allegedly on the table for their rebrand. Other options for their third moniker are the Spiders, the Fellers, the Rockers, the Crows, and several, several more.

The Cleveland Naps is apparently in consideration again because the team's star player, Nap Lajoie, spent much of his iconic career on the team. He made such an impact that the team changed its name to honor him. Reverting to this name would be a nod to the legend as well as one of the team's most successful runs on the field. 

Sports teams with racially-influenced names have been under fire for years. The NFL team, the Redskins, have been urged to change their name as well. Native Americans have stood on the argument for years that their culture is not meant to be used as any sort of mascot. 2020 has been the year that people finally listened. 

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