The Best of the Best: 90’s Kids Throwbacks That Will Give You All the Feels

The ’90s were an epic decade. There were all types of gadgets, fads, and other creations that were all the rage back. Take, for example, Hit Clips—why were people scrambling to get a hold of keychain music player that only lasted one minute? That was just one of the items that are synonymous with the ’90s, but just wait until you see the rest—you’re going to be full of nostalgia by the time you’re through…


The Sony Discman

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who didn’t own a Sony Discman in the ’90s. The Discman (Sony later changed the name to CD-Walkman) first hit the market in 1984 as the first portable CD player and was the next generation from the Walkman, Sony’s portable cassette player introduced in 1979. The CD-Walkman was so popular, it gave the music industry a huge boost, as artists saw CD sales rapidly increase.


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