The Best-Kept Secrets of the Royal Family

The Royal Family are quite popular public figures. Despite their fairly public lives, there are still many questions people want to be answered about them. With the recent birth of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s third child, the third heir, us common folk want to know all there is to know about the Royals. So, we dug around and found some wild and ridiculous secrets of the Royal Family that most us have never heard before. You won’t believe some of the odd secrets they’ve kept over the years…

No Monopoly

In 2008, Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, told how the Royal Family were not allowed to play Monopoly. It’s all “because it gets too vicious.”

Queen Elizabeth II Prefers Bright Colors

Conservative in dress, Queen Elizabeth II prefers to add a little more color to her clothing. Thus, she often can be seen in public wearing clothes of bright colors.

“I can’t wear beige-colored clothing because nobody can recognize me like that,” she once explained to one of her staff members. The choice of bright colors for the Queen’s clothes is determined not only by her taste and style but also by the fact that it’s easier to recognize her in a crowd.




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