Texas Teacher Rips Apart Parents and School District in Brutally Honest Facebook Post, Inciting More Calls to Action for Teacher Rights

A teacher is the most influential person in anyone’s life. Even if you were homeschooled, that means that your parent or private tutor was your teacher and your influence in life. Teachers help us learn our basics, like counting, reading, the alphabet, and other building blocks that children need in order to succeed. They oversee our abilities, help us when we are struggling, and push us to become the best we can (if you’ve got a good one!)

Teaching Problem

Teachers across the nation have been speaking out against the injustices in pay and classroom budget, but the conversation on the face-to-face treatment has been pretty quiet. That is until Texas teacher Julie Marburger finally had enough and broke her silence on Facebook late March. Her post took social media by storm and charged the conversation for a better relationship between parents and teachers.

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