Terrifying: This Restaurant Has More Than 1,000 Animatronic Chickens

The kitsch of Frizzle Chicken Farmhouse Café in Dollywood goes far beyond just some DIY farmhouse décor… this restaurant is home to over 1,000 unsightly animatronic chickens.

The “café” is primarily known for its assortment of breakfast staples and innovations – they’re the only place around that makes fresh tomato hollandaise – and fried chicken classics.

However, it won’t be the food that either shocks or entices you… it’ll be the chickens themselves. These Muppet-esque animatronic chickens sing classic kid songs like “YMCA” and “Let It Go” that will surely drive you insane. Each chicken – all 1,000 – has a special role in the performances. All are named after an icon with no relation to chicken, of course. The crowd favorite? Dolly Parthen.

Come for the chickens, stay for the chickens. The food really is just extra.

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