Tennis, Fishing, Paddle Sports Allowed Under Washington COVID-19 Recovery Phase

Although different restrictions apply to different counties, outdoor recreational activities like guided ATV tours, paddle sports, tennis, and horseback riding are now permitted in Washington state, according to Gov. Jay Inslee.

Most counties across the state in phase 1 of recovery are allowed to play singles tennis with members of different households, while counties under phase 2 can play doubles. ATV, paddle sports, horseback riding, and guided tours may not include over 8 people from the same household for counties in phase 1, while counties in phase 2 may have up to 12 people on tours from a maximum of three households.

Guided fishing trips may have up to two clients from the same households under phase one, while up to eight people from two households are allowed under phase 2. Any staff or facilities providing outdoor reaction activities must abide by health and safety requirements put in place by the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries.

A handful of smaller counties have been approved for phase 2 of Inslee's Safe Start Washington plan, which implements more lenient restrictions on gatherings and activities.

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