Teenager Was Abducted As A Child – Will He Forgive Who Raised Him?

Life as a teenager is tough enough as it is, especially for a graduating high school student. There are several things happening in your life including changes in your body, changes in your friends, and many other adjustments to make in the coming months before college.

But for this teenager, he had to deal with all of that as well as the revelation of a very big and dark secret in his family.

Just an Ordinary Day

It was a late August day when Bobby Hernandez volunteered to take his son, 5-year old Julian to school in Vestavia Hills, Alabama. Julian’s mother had agreed because she did not think that Bobby would do anything. The couple were separated and estranged but they both loved Julian very much. They were in the middle of a custody battle, but she never thought that Julian was ever in any danger. Little did the mother know that this would be the day that would change her life, forever.

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