Teen Boys Follow Their Instincts About a Disheveled Young Girl They Spot with Her “Uncle” and Uncover The Dark Truth

In Calgary, Alberta there’s not much to do—just ask these four teenage boys. One of their favorite pastimes was to go over to the Chinook Centre Mall and skateboard in an unused portion of the parking lot. One day while riding, two people walked by them in the otherwise empty lot.

This was odd, but what was even odder was the pair themselves. A man that looked like he was in his mid-40s was carrying an inebriated teen girl over his shoulder and tossed her in his car…

Where it Began

This off incident occurred in April of 2015. The parking lot of the Chinook Centre Mall is usually empty at night and this is why the lot became a favorite place for teenage boys to skateboard. It was getting late that night though, around 11:15, and they were getting ready to head home when they noticed the two people come through the lot…

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