Teachers Completely Fed Up with This Semester…

By 3 years ago

Teaching is known as of the most noble professions. Not only because it is an important job to shape the minds of children and teach them what they need to become successful adults, but also because it takes a certain amount of understanding and patience to become a teacher, especially when dealing with teenagers.

In this list we have a few instructors who have just about had it with the semester or the year that they are having. We don’t know what caused these teachers and professors to react the way they did, but one thing’s for sure; these teachers are fed up, and they don’t care about letting other people know it. The result is a lot of funny and ridiculous photos and screenshots.


Selfies and pictures are so easy to do nowadays with cell phones and small cameras. It’s also easier to photobomb a picture, like what this teacher decided to do with his unsuspecting student.

Refreshing Drink

Most teachers terrorize their students with the way they teach, others have a much more subtle way of doing so. Take this teacher who drinks out of a particular water bottle on each class. When a student reads the label on the bottle, they see that it is made up of “student’s tears.”

Watch you Sleep

This teacher was dedicated in embarrassing this sleeping student by sitting next to him and staring at him for a good 5-10 minutes. Hopefully this student woke up horrified when he realized that everyone, including the teacher, was looking at him.

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