Stupid office rules that drive employees crazy

Every company has to set some rules and go by them to maintain balance and order among its employees, but there are instances when things go out of hand and setting a new rule completely backfires. In order to maintain standards or to manage the bad performance of few employees some companies set ridiculous rules that are often short-sighted and demoralizing for the whole team. Here is a list of ridiculous office rules that are hard to go by and follow:

Not letting employees use the Internet

A kind of necessary evil, we feel awful when we have to live without the internet, there are companies that block certain sites such as Facebook and other social media, so that the employees can give full attention to their work. But sometimes companies go overboard with this, it’s alright to block inappropriate content but restricting sites that disable you to make a search online that’s relevant to your job is just too painstaking.


Banning Cell Phones

It’s not like we can’t live without cell phones, but banning cell phones at work place sounds a bit too much and companies really need to draw a line here, it’s like killing the right of the employee to be able to connect to their loved ones, it’s like disconnecting them from the world outside work. Does this improve productivity? In most cases, No. The rule should rather apply to employees that spend too much time on phone at work and the issue should be solved on an individual basis.

A strict dress code

Makes you feel like you are back at the school! Improving or setting a dress code never does wonders for productivity and employers should not hire people they have trust issues with or don’t approve their personal expression; dressing. There are employers who set rules on what you can put on your desk, such issues need to be addressed directly, and setting a silly rule for each and every employee just doesn’t sound right.


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