Studio Analyst Gronk is Must-See TV

By 1 week ago

Gronk used to be a football meme. Gronk spiking. Gronk dancing. Gronk spiking, again. Now, the football player is working as a Sports Illustrated analyst on TV, and though viewers were originally skeptical, it appears that he's actually stolen the show. 

Yesterday, with FOX getting the rare opportunity to air a Patriots game, the network jammed Gronk into their already crowded desk of analysts and relied on him for his expertise on all things New England. And Studio Analyst Gronk worked.

It didn’t work, though, because of what Gronk said. It worked simply because Gronk was Gronk.

Studio Analyst Gronk works for one reason: He’s different. There is nothing like him on any other studio show. There is also a connection NFL fans have with Gronk that they don’t have with any other studio analyst because he just retired and because he's a big, lovable goofball.

So when Gronk says Julian Edelman "gets that nut," whenever he gets a chance, we love it because we don’t know if Gronk even realized what he said.

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