Studio Analyst Gronk is Must-See TV

Gronk used to be a football meme. Remember: Gronk Spike? Now, the football player is working as a Sports Illustrated analyst on TV. Many viewers voiced their skepticism, but it turns out he's actually a pretty big hit.

During yesterday's Patriot's game, Gronk got the chance to commentate on the game with the studio's hope that he'd make a good analyst.

And though he wasn't necessarily a success because of what he said, he was a success because of who he is.

Studio Analyst Gronk works because he's unique. The retired NFL player is just a funny, relatable guy talking about the sport he loves in a way that's digestible to a regular fan. The studio needs to keep him, if only for this reason.

So when Gronk says Julian Edelman "gets that nut," whenever he gets a chance, we love it because we don’t know if Gronk even realized what he said.

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