Stop Panic-Buying, The Country Has Plenty of Food

Despite the high demand for essential items like bread, milk, eggs, and paper products, food supply chains reveal that they are not running low. Customers are panicking at the sight of empty shelves, but the panic-buying seems to be unnecessary and just a response to the warranted fear from the corona virus spread.

The supply chain companies - dairy farms, retailers, and meat packers - have stated that they are ramping up production in order to meet consumer demand. A shortage or complete dryout is not forshadowed, despite the frazzled grocery store crowds. Occassional empty shelves are to be expected as the suppliers try to keep up with the surge in purchasing. 

For those who are wary of venturing out into crowds during the health crisis, there is likely to be a surge in grocery delivery services and takeout. Ideas have been sweeping the Internet, such as grocery stores allowing their first hour or so of business to be reserved for the elderly or immunocompromised. Whatever the response to the panic buying may be, the result is not likely to take effect immediately. 

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