St. Louis’s Favorite Processed Cheese Is Now an Ice Pop (!?)

Yep. You did read that right.

An “artisan ice pops” brand whipped up a second batch of Provel cheese pops after news of the strange sweet went viral.

If you’ve never lived in St. Louis, you probably don’t know that raviolis are best served toasted, and pizza should be cracker-thin and cut into small squares. On the latter, Provel cheese is a must. It’s a processed cheese billed as a mix of cheddar, Swiss, and provolone – though it manages to keep the best qualities of none of the three. It’s a bit like a white Velveeta – all the rubberiness without any of the flavor.

For whatever reason, St. Louisans have an affection for the stuff. The dessert brand Poptimism by Whisk released a Provel popsicle and… the results are startling.

Turns out, you can keep a processed cheese popsicle down. Over the weekend, the strange new confection blew up and the brand worked tirelessly to please hungry customers who showed up to a sold out shop.

Customers honestly said that everything wrong with Provel went right in the Provel-pop. It’s both mild and resilient, so with a bit of honey, it could definitely work as a “cheesecake on a stick” of sorts.

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