This Crocheting Woman Is the MVP of Sports

By 6 days ago

This dedicated sports fan stole the show while waiting for a delayed football game between Kansas and Oklahoma to begin. Could she possibly care any less about sports? Probably not. Do we love her for that? Absolutely.

“We’ll see how far along this lady is with her knitting in about 25 minutes,” the announcer said while the camera panned to the lone woman hard at work in a section of the stands. She was clearly committed to excellence, speed, agility, and total domination in the field of crocheting (not knitting, guy).

Regardless, the “player” was able to keep her composure and focus on her yarn and whatever hat/scarf/blanket/oven mitt/dog sweater she was creating to score touchdowns in both coziness and efficient use of boring downtime. It was truly thrilling to watch someone achieve near-peak human performance in real time, and with such humility and grace. Please give her the [?] Football Trophy, Football Sports Council of America.