Some Fast Food Wrappers May Contain Toxic Chemicals

Fast food containers said to be made from molded fiber in order to move toward more evironmentally friendly practices apparently show signs of toxic chemicals. The chemicals were found in containers and bowls that these chains are using to market themselves as biodegradable and healthier for the environment, when in reality they migth be doing even more damage. 

Sweetgreen, a salad and stir fry chain, was also involved in the report, and said they will be phasing out all bowls with PFAS chemicals by the end of the year. The FDA also agreed to stop using select synthetic chemicals in wrappings and food packages within the next few years. A Burger King spokesperson said,  "We are looking forward to extending our safe ingredients policy to include the removal of the short-term PFAS recently identified by the FDA. We will work with our suppliers to remove them from all packaging by or, where feasible, earlier than the three years recommended by the FDA."

A spokesperson for McDonald's also issued a statement, saying the restaurants have eliminated "significant subset classes of PFASs from McDonald’s food packaging globally. We know there is more progress to be made across the industry and we are exploring opportunities with our supplier partners to go further."

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