Snapchat Might Add a News Tab to Combat Decline in Support

In the past, Snapchat’s attempts to bring news to the application have failed miserably. Presently, in order to find any actual news, users have to wade through a slew of entertainment and other materials. CNN even killed its made-for-Snap daily show.

However, sources say that Snap is in “early talks” with publishers to start crafting a dedicated news tab in Discover. Although details surrounding the exact partners and internal mechanics of the situation remain unclear, Snap is reportedly looking to make the tab go live next year.

It’s not a secret that Snap has been wanting to give Discover a makeover. Executive chief Evan Speigel told investors during a recent earnings call that exploring discover is like entering a “supermarket without the aisles labeled.”

A dedicated news tab would be beneficial for Snap not only because its users could locate news much more easily than before, but also because publishers who were wary about participating in Discover before might be hooked on the idea.

Although Snapchat appears to be returning to a growth state, it continues to lose money and holds significantly less momentum than Instagram. A news tab might keep more people on Snapchat, but for now, it’s all talk.

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