Six-Year-Old's Meal Plan Leaves Parents in Stitches

By 10 months ago

Cooking at home can already be a tedious task, but cooking at home during quarantine is even bleaker. In an effort to spice up their weekly dinner menu, this mom asked her six-year-old son to compose a meal plan. Clearly, he had a favorite dish in mind.

Despite the lack of vegetables, at least he didn't forget to utilize the leftovers—and besides, fish and chips obviously is his favorite food.

His list includes weekends and weekdays, so thankfully, his parents won't forget to order takeout at least twice. The "yay" next to fish and chips indicates his real preferences.

Whether it's fish and chips, pizza, chicken, or just "takeaway" in general, this kid's thought it all out. He's not wasting any food! In fact, he could probably teach people a thing or two about mixing up their weekly dinner meal plans. No more meal prep. All you need is a phone to dial up the nearest pizza place.

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