Singapore Unveils Giant Car Vending Machine

Vending machines are automated machines that provides customers with their preferred products easily and quickly. Consumers only need to press a few buttons and place their payment in a slot, and they can get anything from food, candy, alcohol, and even electronics. But this newest vending machine in Singapore offers something far more expensive and valuable. The new Autobahn vending machine offers a wide selection of vehicles.


Autobahn Motors has just opened its new showroom in Singapore. The showroom is made up of 15 floors and a 60-space showroom. The building was also designed to be like a car vending machine. And this vending machine isn’t selling just any type of car. The cars that are displayed at the vending machine building are luxury cars and expensive sports cars. When the building first opened, people could see dozens of cars displayed from the lit compartments of the each of the 15 floors.


The building has an access point at the lobby where customers can use a touch screen. On the touch screen, an interested buyer can select a car and have it appear in front of them in mere minutes. The vending machine does not really allow people to come in and take a car. Purchasing a car can be difficult and involves many different processes and paperwork. But the idea for a car vending machine was a novel one that attracted the attention of the public. Autobahn has also said that one of the reasons they built the structure was because there was nothing like it in the world.

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