Simply Saying The Words “Deep-Fried Pizzadilla” Can Induce Cardiac Arrest

“The recipe chefs are comparing to a car wreck.”

This abomination from Twisted Food contains 33 ingredients, takes 2.5 hours to make, and costs approximately $155.

The recipe features two kinds of onions, various cheeses, chicken, eggs, flour, bacon, ranch dressing, pizza sauce, tortillas, and pepperoni, JUST to name a few.

The deep-fried monstrosity is, deconstructed, a barbecue chicken quesadilla with all the fixings on the inside, wrapped in tortillas. Then, deep-fried and breaded, topped with pizza sauce and mozarella cheese. I can get behind like, a third of this process. The marinara and the barbecue just don’t work. My stomach hurts. I’m too fragile for this.

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