Shocking Cruise Ship Secrets Cruise Lines Don’t Want You To Know

The allure of the open air, warm breeze of the sea and being away from land so you can your relax your worries goodbye has always made going on a cruise a dream for many people. However, as much as the prospect of riding on a cruise ship is awesome, there are certain cruise ship secrets that you’ll want to know if you’re really interested in becoming a seafarer.

Below are essential cruise ship secrets and tips that you should know to help you sail like a pro and help you avoid things that will make your trip less than memorable.

1. Skip The Spa

Not that the experience is different whether you’re out on the sea or when the ship is in port, but the cruise line is likely to offer discounts on spa services when the ship isn’t running.

Always Bring A First Aid Kit With You

The closed-off nature of the environment of a cruise ship makes it ideal for any kind of disease to quickly spread. This is why crew members are trained to keep the ship and themselves as clean and healthy as possible. If a crew is sick, he or she is usually isolated to prevent the illness from spreading to anyone else.

Having your own first-aid kit ups your chances of not contracting the disease in the event that it does manage to spread to other passengers.

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