Shelter Offers a $1,000 Reward for the Return of a Stolen Corgi Puppy

A California rescue is begging the community to help them find a stolen Corgi puppy. A woman and her son walked into the ARE Animal Rescue Center in Hemet and left with a 3-month-old puppy that was recovering from a neuter surgery. The woman walked in under the guise that she was there to adopt a kitten. She is shown on CCTV leaving with the puppy in her arms.

The shelter is offering a $1,000 reward for the return of the puppy, named Kia. "3 month old neutered and microchipped Corgi stolen from a rescue today right out of the administrator's office," says a post in the rescue's Facebook group. "Was stolen from Hemet Ca area but can be anywhere. Everyone is frantic as this is just a little baby. Please keep your eye out on all of the for sale pages."

"It was honestly the most horrible phone call I've ever had to make," the rescue owner said. "To call her and say that somebody had just stolen this baby, just right out from under us." Kia's owner's son also said the family is distraught and just wants the puppy back. Any news of this puppy is greatly appreciated by the shelter.

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