Selena Gomez Opens Up About Her Mental Health

"Sometimes it was a challenge for me to even get out of bed ... [but] over the years I've finally found my rhythm," the actress and founder of new cosmetic line Rare Beauty said in an interview. She's continued to be open and honest about her journey with mental health over the last few years, but she acknowledges that it has been difficult to keep a candid conversation about her toughest moments at times. 

"[Being open] isn't an easy thing to ask of someone. I've had to go away a few times for stuff I didn't know [I was struggling with] and was confused by," Gomez said. "And then this stigma came: What would people think? But when I thought about it, my first answer was, 'I don't care, this is my truth.' I'm not a stigma. I'm a person that walks their life." Gomez hopes that by being vocal about her struggles, it will empower others to seek help if they need it. She says the way she eases her mind might even sound like "b******t," but it works. 

"The first thing I do is find space alone, because I [tend to] push and push myself so I don't have to think about my feelings," she says. "I'll go to my room, lie down, drink some water and take a few deep breaths. Then if I need a friend, I call a friend. If I need my therapist, I call my therapist. On top of the heavy stuff, it's important to just take time with yourself and be gentle. I know it can seem like bulls—, but it's true!"

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