Woman Uncovers Something Unsettling While Searching For Biological Parents

For any child abandoned by their parents, the mystery surrounding their origins is often hard to ignore. The struggle to learn more about their biological parents and, by extension, their own selves, can sometimes be unending. Jen Chervin was abandoned at a hospital in 1971.  After being adopted by a loving family, she had a happy childhood. She was always well aware of the fact that she was adopted, but her birth parents remained a troubling mystery. Frustratingly, Jen’s search for her birth parents unsuccessfully continued into her forties. When she eventually learned the truth about them, however, she had to come face-to-face with a truly shocking outcome.


A Sad Start

Jen Chervin is a 45-year-old, married teacher and resident of Beaverton, Oregon. Her life may seem fairly ordinary, but things weren’t always easy for her. As a baby, she was found on December 18, 1971, abandoned on the steps of California’s Fremont Hospital.


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