Search For Missing Mom Exposes Her Shocking Double Life…

Paige Birgfeld was just a normal mother living a normal life, raising her three children and working several jobs to provide the best that she could for her family. She was a reliable friend, a smart businesswoman, and loved by all of those that knew her.

But the narrative came to a stop when she suddenly disappeared on her way home one night. How did this sweet small town woman just disappear? It turns out this unassuming mother was living a bizarre double life…

Quiet and Unassuming Life

Paige Birgfeld was living a quiet comfortable life in the town of Grand Junction, Colorado. She was the ideal single mother of three living a quiet and peaceful life. The only noteworthy event that had happened to her was a divorce with her husband Rob, who was allegedly violent during their marriage. But Paige had moved on from that relationship was living a seemingly normal life.

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