Scrambled Eggs Recipe Tik Tok Sparks Outrage

People are not thrilled with this American woman's misinterpretation of an English breakfast.

Michelle, an American woman living in the UK, first sparked controversy when she posted a Tik Tok video on June 8 showing her followers how to make a cup of "British tea" in the microwave. She decided to follow it up with an even more polarizing video: British eggs.

"So after my last videos, I got a lot of questions about trying an English breakfast," she said. "So today I'm going to make you some British eggs!"

The 36-second video depicts the mother of three cracking two eggs into a bowl, adding salt, pepper, sugar, and whipped cream, and then microwaving the concoction for two minutes.

After Michelle's breakfast went viral, some of her followers had a few questions.

"Why are you doing this?" asked one Twitter user.

"Ruining food one tweet at a time," said another.

Others believe Michelle is simply "trolling" her followers, refusing to acknowledge the video as anything other than a prank. "Thank you for your great humour," said one of Michelle's followers. Unfortunately, it remains unclear whether or not Michelle was serious.

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