Sally Rooney's "Normal People" Is Being Made into a TV Show

Even now, a year after its release, "Normal People" is still the reading material of choice for twenty-somethings on the subway. It's impossible to avoid Sally Rooney, even in the day-to-day—her incredible success has become a stepping stone for other young writers looking to tell their stories in a way that skirts the bounds of traditional literature.

It's the classic, "Will they, won't they?" Connell and Marianne's relentless, heartbreaking back-and-forth will have you weeping and laughing and, at times, filled with unbridled rage. Now, "Normal People" is coming to the big screen. Well, the medium-sized screen.

The 12-part drama for BBC Three will tell the gripping story of two teens navigating the perils of a confusing relationship. Connell and Marianne meet as school kids in a small Irish town. Bookish Marianne always lingers on the fringes of Connell's sporty, popular life—but, at the same time his mother is cleaning her mansion.

"Normal People" tackles the complicated dynamics of class and how it impacts relationships. It also grapples with the question: what does it mean to be normal people? The central characters will be played by Daisy Edgar-Jones and Paul Mescal.

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