Retired Police Officer Reopens Disappearance Case With New Found Evidence

“That would never happen to me”, is what everybody says when talking about tragic stories. They feel so distant from it until it happens to them and changes their life forever. Molly Bish was the average student, working part-time as a life guard, and enjoying her summer with her friends. After saying goodbye one summer morning to Molly on her way to work, her parents never knew it’d be the last time they saw their daughter. One of the worst parts about this entire case, the killer is still at large.


Just Another Day Of Work

On June 27, 2000, Massachusetts teen Molly Bish showed up to the local pond at 10 a.m. to start her shift as a lifeguard. Not long after her arrival, a woman and her children arrived at the pond to find that the lifeguard was nowhere to be found. Molly’s disappearance would remain a mystery for quite some time.


Sweet Summer Time

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