Restaurants Are Seeing an Upward Trend In Breakfast Cocktail Consumption

Various restaurants in Phoenix are trying their hand at artisan breakfast cocktails. This includes bloody mary flights and take-away mimosa kits. Particulary, U.S. Egg is known for its lifechanging breakfast experience. A staple to kick your early morning hangover or indulge in a hearty brunch, U.S. Egg is a must-stop if you're rolling through Phoenix.

With many cities rolling back on their indoor dining restrictions, restaurants are going to see an upswing of customers within the next few weeks. That means it's time to amp up the recipes and find new and intriguing ways to keep people coming back. Many up-and-coming spots are taking notes from U.S. Egg and including new and decadent breakfast cocktails that could even serve as a meal replacement (if you try hard enough).

If you're uncomfortable with dining indoors, many restaurants are still doing takeout cocktails, a new rule that was instated at the beginning of quarantine. Many people saw that move as an essential, and they weren't wrong. Bars haved seemed to thrive as best they can during a lock-in, and it's because people still do love to drink.

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