Restaurant Memes That Truly Shows What Life Is like Working in the Service World

By 2 years ago

If you’ve never worked in a restaurant, you’re missing an entirely different way of living. When it comes to your coworkers, the customers, and your work/life balance, everything can change when you start working at a restaurant. The most important thing is that you know how to treat other servers at restaurants, which can make peoples lives so much easier. In this gallery are some hilarious memes that are way too relatable at points about working in the restaurant business.

A Great Big, “I Told You So!”

There’s nothing better when your manager has your back. Most of the time, this feeling is fleeting, as the customer then gets mad at the manager and just starts yelling at the both of you. It’s still nice while it lasts, though!

Ah, The Walk-In

Hey, it’s valuable information that they need to know! They need to know all of the safe spots for phone use, cry use, and cigarette break use. Also, the walk-in is always a great place to hide for a minute. You get to hide in the cold, and then when someone finally finds you, you can pretend you were getting tomatoes or a beer!

Please Let Me Go!

I know that I’m smiling and nodding along but you’re keeping me from all of my work and I really don’t care what you’re talking about!!! I just got two tables sat in my section and you won’t let me take your order because you’re really intent on telling me about your day at work.

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