Rescuers Shocked at the Surprise Found Inside a Cave in Los Angeles

When we think of caves, we think of darkness where intimidating animals might dwell. They’re places that people fear and rightly so—in the darkness of a cave, the unknown is what we fear the most. When a team of rescuers in Los Angeles got a call about cries that were heard in a nearby cave, they were cautious, but it was their job to investigate; whatever was living in the cave needed their help and fast. What they eventually found in this dark, gloomy cave left them shaking…


The Dark Cave 

When they arrived at the cave, the rescuers knew that they had their work cut out for them. The cave was narrow and 18 feet deep, making it incredibly difficult for anyone to squeeze inside. They shined a flashlight towards the cries, but couldn’t see anything. They needed to get a deeper look inside. The rescuers had suffered a loss of a friend recently who was quite the animal lover, and in her honor, they knew they had to see this through and lend a hand to the crying creature inside…


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