Real-life Rapunzel has not had a haircut in 20 years

By 4 years ago

One of Aliia Nasyrova’s favorite fairy tales as a child has always been Rapunzel and her long hair. It is no wonder that she is now living the story in real life. Nasyrova has grown her hair for close to 20 years. She started when she was a mere 7 years old and has not cut her hair since. Now her hair is more than 90 inches long and weighs close to 5 pounds. Nasyrova compares the weight of her hair to her pet cat.

The 27-year old Russian says she started growing her hair because she liked long hair and admired women who had long locks. Despite the weight of her hair and the meticulous attention it needs to be groomed and taken care of, she still enjoys it and says she won’t be cutting it anytime soon. Her hair has garnered so much attention, that she now has more than 17 thousand followers on her Istagram account alone. Due her popularity regarding her hair, several hair brands donate hair products and accessories for free to Nasyrova.

Nasyrova and her partner have made many accommodations for her hair. Aside from the daily work needed to keep it healthy and groomed, they also plan and move their holidays and travels to accommodate her hair. This is because without special products and a blow dryer, it would usually take Nasyrova all day just to dry her hair. She says she keeps her hair clean and washes it every day. She even trims a few inches off the end each month to make sure that it is properly maintained. Despite her long locks, the record for the longest hair is not held by Nasyrova. That distinction goes to Chinese national Xie Qiuping, who has 18 feet worth of hair on her head.

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