Rare Photos of Not-So-Serious Victorian Portraits

Any photo you see from the Victorian era are all the same: sitting proper, in fancy clothes, semi-frowning at the camera with nearly dead eyes. They’re usually breathtaking and always offer a really cool insight into the way of life over 100 years ago. Photography was a brand new invention. The first practical camera was built in 1839. This gave way to a lot of families to get their professional portraits taken, but this was an expensive and time-consuming process. Since they really only have one good shot at taking a photo, they wanted to show their best face. These are the photos we see. Now, we have access to more photos that are sillier and funnier. These photos show the more human side to the Victorian people!

Goofing Around

It looks like these two are on set, but he’s having a little too much fun in between scenes. This actress isn’t allowed through the door, not on his watch!

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