Rags to Riches: How a Small Asian Statue Brought an Appraiser to Tears

Cleaning out an elderly relatives home, digging around at a yard sale or an estate sale, getting mementos passed down to you from elder generations; some might call these activities modern-day treasure hunting.  Every so often you come across something special and hold onto it, not ever too sure of its worth. Such was the case for this woman whose parents had picked up an odd piece from their travels in Asia. When she got it appraised on the popular series, Antique’s Road Show, her life was forever changed…

Just Another Day

What seemed like just another day at the office for TV’s Antiques Roadshow presenter, Lark E. Mason, back in 2002, turned into a historic day for both him and an unknowing woman. The piece that she brought in for a free appraisal didn’t just pique his interest, it completely overwhelmed him.

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