Radio Host Gives Birth Live on Air

Earlier this week, a radio host gave birth live on air during her morning show. She did this so she could share the moment with her listeners, who have been part of her pregnancy since the beginning. Radio host Cassiday Proctor is the co-host of the morning radio show “Spencer’s Neighborhood” on 106.5 ‘The Arch’, which is broadcast in St. Louis, Missouri. When Proctor was doing her morning show, she suddenly went into labor but insisted on staying on the air.


After getting permission from her doctor, Proctor asked a hospital employee to hold up a phone so her listeners could hear her in labor and welcome their son into the world for the morning show. After the birth, she was asked if she was nervous about broadcasting the birth of her son. Proctor said: “The only part I was nervous about was bringing a child into the world. The part about putting it on the radio, I do that every day.”

The baby was named Jameson, a choice that was also done with the help of the listeners. According to Proctor, there were more than 400 name suggestions given to her and her husband. While some were great, others were also silly and funny. Cassiday said that the whole experience was unique and fulfilling. And she was also relieved that Jameson was born healthy. Baby Jameson was born weighing 7lb 6oz and this will probably not be his last time hitting the radio waves.


“Cassiday took everybody on this journey so ultimately the birth is the payoff.” said Cassiday’s co-host Spencer Graves, “They heard the ups and the downs and this week was the culmination of this all.”

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