Quavo Wants to Throw the Clemson Tigers a Championship Dinner

After photos of the Clemson Tigers celebration dinner at the White House went viral, Quavo from Migos decided to take things into his own hands (for some reason).

The Clemson Tigers won the championship game and were welcomed to the White House in the usual tradition. Apparently, because of the government shut down, they were only given tons and tons of McDonald’s. Not a terribly bad gesture because who doesn’t love McDonald’s, but these college students probably always eat fast food. Don’t they deserve a nice, quality, home-cooked meal?

Quavo sure thinks so.

He wants to take the team and the President into his own HQ to show them what fine dining is, maybe with a stir fry?

Naturally, the football team wouldn’t give this up because they all love Migos!

We’ll see if he’ll really deliver!


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