Pregnant Woman Is Told She’s Having A “1 In A Million” Birth – The Doctor’s News Was A Shock To All…

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful things that can happen to anyone – especially when it’s a first-time pregnancy. The rush of excitement you feel when you’re an expectant parent is second to none. Yes, a first-time pregnancy is special and exciting, but what’s arguably even more exciting is extending your family unit to include even more bundles of joy!

And despite the fact that every birth and every child is special, there are some remarkable things that can happen that make certain babies just that extra bit more unique. For this family, it wasn’t long before they found out their “bun in the oven” was in fact an extremely unexpected “one-in-a-million”.

The Whiteley Family’s “1-In-A-Million” Birth

Lauren Whiteley and her husband Micheal Whiteley live in Detroit, Michigan. Not only do the couple adore one another, they are both simply lovers of life. As soon as they met each other, they knew they wanted to live a long and happy life with each other and that included starting a family. However, who could have guessed that after they had their first two children, their third pregnancy would turn into what it did?

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