Photographers Risk It All To Take Photos of Hitler’s Secret Bunkers

When a photographer was taking an innocent walk through the woods to find some photo inspiration, he accidentally stumbled upon an old and rusty bunker. Marc Askat, being the explorer he is, decided to delve inside to check out what exactly he just found. What Akat didn’t know was that he just found was one of the last known bunkers that German dictator Adolf Hitler used in World War II. Inside is a lot creepier than someone would expect!

Previous Finds

Askat is as much of a photographer as he is a local explorer. On a previous trek, he found a WWII era hospital, but not by simply stumbling upon it! He was researching soldiers journals and followed their clues to find the ages old abandoned building. He’s also found other relics as he wandered around the French woods, so he’s no stranger to discovering amazing historical things!

Hunting Season!

The perfect weather for exploring and hiking around French fields and woods happen to be the same time of year of peak hunting season. Askat knew he was risking getting injured by a hunter mistaking him for an animal, but knew that he didn’t want to risk missing this perfect day in the wilderness. The above photo of a concrete pool was one of his amazing finds from that day, which was right near a mysterious concrete building.

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