This Two-Legged Cat Uses Instagram To Promote Special Needs Pets

By 3 days ago

May 3rd was National Specially-Abled Pets Day, and this double-amputee cat Rexie Roo is one of the cutest pets on the block. Special needs pets are usually high up on the adoption priority list at most shelters, but often get overlooked because people are intimidated by the amount of responsibility and medical care they can require. Rexie Roo is an adorable lil tuxedo boy who wants to show the world that adopting a special needs pet changes their lives in more ways than owners can even imagine. 

Rexie Roo found himself at a shelter in January 2020 with two broken legs, and he was quickly moved to an animal sanctuary to undergo surgery. He easily adapted to his new life on two back legs and enjoyed his time with two foster homes. However, he had trouble finding his forever family because some people just don't want to take in a pet that's different. Thankfully, a woman named Cairistiona Flatley saw him on Instagram and immediately inquired about permanently adopting him.

"When people tell me I'm so kind for adopting a special needs cat and that he is lucky to have me, I can only think about how lucky I am to have him in my life," Flatley said in a statement. "I love him so much, and he has brought me a lot of peace and joy in a chaotic and uncertain year. He loves to snuggle and eat, and so do I, so we're a good match. I think he can teach people a lot about patience, resilience and love," she added.

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