The Inside of Kangaroo Pouches Are Actually Terrifying

The animal kingdom is a beautiful place filled with wonders of the world—but some of those wonders are a little closer to nightmares in nature. A Tik Tok showing the inside of a kangaroo's pouch has traumatized millions of unsuspecting viewers.

The pouch is a complex nursery that provides all the nutrients a baby marsupial needs to grow big and strong. Unfortunately, despite its majestic function, the interior is a bit less magical than one would have thought. Animal vlogger Alexandra Kalin has educated many blissfully ignorant Twitter users in regards to the truth about kangaroo pouches.

The video has been viewed millions of times and shared on sites like Facebook and Instagram. In the video, the inside of the pouch is clearly seen for a few seconds. As it turns out, kangaroo pouches are hairless and lined with sweat glands. It also contains nipples to release milk for the various stages of marsupial babies' development.

The pocket essentially serves as a second womb to protect the baby and provide an ideal environment for it to grow. The pouch is also flexible enough to expand as the baby grows in size. While some might have known what to expect, others were horrified.

"I could've gone my whole life without knowing this, and I would've been fine," one Twitter user wrote.

"Just saw what a kangaroo's pouch looks like and I'm permanently scarred," wrote another.

Hopefully, these innocent people were able to recover from yet another secret horror of nature.

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