Pet Nanny Careers Have Soared Through the Pandemic

By 3 months ago

A rise in pet adoptions through the pandemic seems to go hand-in-hand with the need for pet sitters. More specifically, many people couldn't travel to pick up their new pet if they lived out of state, or if the breeder or adoption facility was too far away. COVID-19 restrictions were very strict this year regarding pet care. Vet clinics enforced a drop-off and pick-up procedure, and many adoption facilities only allowed visits to be held over Zoom or in a scheduled, one-on-one time frame. 

If you adopted a pet from out of state, you might have used a "pet nanny." These people would offer to drive and pick up your brand new pet and bring them back home to you if you were unable to travel. They were tasked with "chaperoning" the new (often times very young) animal to their new home. It's a part of adopting a pet that is often considered an oversight. Getting them home safely and comfortably should be a priority, pandemic aside. If the pet comes from a pretty fussy breeder, they will often bring the pet to you themselves. However, that's often not the case.

If you purchased or adopted a pet through the quarantine, you might have enlisted the help of a "pet nanny" without even realizing it. Also, pet sitters have become more frequently used again thanks to a rise in vaccines. While no one was really traveling at the start of the pandemic, normalcy has started to return and people are encouraging outside help when watching their furry friends again. Pet care is something that should be prioritized when possible, because your pet isn't just a pet, it's a family member.

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