Keep Your Pets Safe From Poisonous Toads Roaming Florida

By 8 months ago

A new swell of invasive cane toads are overwhelming parts of southern and central Florida, and they are incredibly poisonous. They pose a threat to pet owners as the toads' venom is potent enough to kill a domestic animal. "If your pet bites or licks one, the consequences could be deadly," FWC said on Facebook.

According to experts, the venom can disrupt your pets' nervous systems and cause permanent damage. The RSPCA has determined that an adult toad has enough venom to kill a 15 pound dog in 10 minutes. These toads are also responsible for killing a large portion of crocodiles in Australia. The FWC encourages Florida residents to kill cane toads on their property, and says they aren't protected except under anti-cruelty laws, and a property owner can also choose to have the toads safely removed.

Here are tips for how to spot a cane toad, according to FWC: "Reddish-brown to grayish-brown with a light-yellow or beige belly; Can be uniform in color or have darker markings around the body; Enlarged glands behind the eyes, which angle downward onto the shoulders; Glands secrete a potent milky-white toxin (bufotoxin) as defense against predators including domestic pets; Range in size from 6 to 9 inches in length."

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