Animal Shelters Seeing Influx of Surrendered Pets and Strays

The Animal Care and Control Center in East Harlem has reported a near tripling of pet intakes since the beginning of the summer. This particular location has seen an uptick of nearly 47 surrenders a day, which could soon increase to nearly 60. Contrary to popular belief, the surrenders are not coming from pets adopted during the height of the pandemic, but rather families that are struggling financially as government assistance tapers off and people are still struggling.

"They're losing their jobs, the eviction moratorium is almost up, the extended benefits for unemployment are almost up," Hansen said. "People are nervous they have to make really hard choices."

The shelter offers assistance for pet owners who are struggling financially by offering free food from their pantry and low-cost vet care. ACC staff will also get involved if there is a dispute between a landlord and tenant over a pet. 

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Post originally appeared on Upbeat News.