Perfectly Imperfect Produce Company Donating Food to Healthcare Workers

The subscription box food service based in Cleveland is setting aside produce for healthcare workers in need. The company's whole theme is selling mishapen or overlooked fruits and vegetables that get overlooked at grocery stores even though they are perfectly fine to eat. Since the start of the COVID-19 crisis, founder Ashley Weingart said there has been a rise in sales.

“This week, we're boxing over 1000 boxes for the first time ever in our four year history,” she said. People are looking for ways to buy groceries remotely and delivery services are more appealing to people who feel unsafe leaving their homes and grocery shopping in public.

“I think a lot of people have stocked up on their shelf staple items, their canned goods,” Weingart said. “But, obviously, the fresh fruits and vegetables they can only keep for so long and, so, they're really looking to us to help bring them some things that can help keep their family healthy." 

Now, the company is putting together "Break Room Boxes" for healthcare workers and including the option to add a $10 donation to orders. Weingart said she was saddened after hearing that some healthcare workers weren't even stopping to eat during their shifts, so this was an obvious business move in her mind.

“We figured we have the fresh fruits and vegetables that they need to stay healthy, and we just wanted to do what we can to say thank you to them."

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