People Name the “Weirdest” Foods Their Home Countries Have to Offer

From giant ants to raw meat to sürstromming (fermented fish), countries from around the world all have their remarkable dishes.

People took to Twitter to share their most unconventional food combos, and what they had to say was certainly interesting.

Is the hot dog part of the transaction? Do you use it to hammer in a nail?

Raw meat on bread, or mett, is spiced raw ground pork. The name originates from mett, which means “chopped pork without bacon.”

Giant ants sound like something out of a nightmare, but perhaps they’re less terrifying disguised beneath lots of other food.

Sürstromming is known for its egregious smell to people who have minimal experience with fermented fish. All these foods might sound foreign to some people, but to others, they’re just another ordinary part of their diet.

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