People Can Now Roll Themselves into a Human Burrito

Everyone loves a nice, warm blanket. In fact, the ultimate goal for many of us is to become a blanket burrito. Now, thanks to a crispy-looking blanket, you can do both!

When Twitter user @katreenawhh posted several photos of her tortilla blanket last week, they went viral almost immediately on both Twitter and Reddit. The blanket is meant to look like a five-foot-long burrito, which currently retails for $44.95 on the Zen Life website. It’s also available on Amazon, but presently sold out.

Thus far, the burrito blanket has garnered an impressive rating: 4.5 stars out of 5 based on 80 Amazon reviews. Although some people believe the blanket is smaller than expected and the printed design may fade over time, it’s still being revered as an “awesome” purchase thanks to it being “large and comfortable”

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