People Are Sharing Their Transformation From 2009-2019

People of the internet are taking advantage of the new decade to revisit their old pictures. Some people have changed dramatically, while others haven’t aged a day.

How is that a 10-year difference? What kind of water does she drink? What are her secrets?

Other peoples transformations were definitely more… dramatic.

Youtuber Trisha Paytas pretty much embodied a 2009 social media star. Thank goodness her tan, hair, makeup, and clothes have gotten better…

Scene king Jarrod Alonge has one of the most horrifying transformations. We’ve all had one of these emo moments, but Jarrod got… creative. Lets just say this is definitely for the better.

Once again, the #HowHardDidAgeHitYou isn’t really relevant in this one because age didn’t hit her. Once again looking the exact same!

Naturally, memes were bound to come up. Silent Planet lead singer Garrett Russel decided to have a little fun with this as well… This is a believable glow up for sure.


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